iAnalyze Racing

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iAnalyze Racing is the complete iRacing™ add on package. Developed by Jackalope Technologies, motorsports solution providers for over 25 years, iAnalyze Racing is the premier iRacing™ after-market add on. Tightly integrated with iRacing, iAnalyze Racing provides you with turn-key data analysis that will be sure to shave precious tenths of your lap time. Compare your steering angle, break-points, and shift patterns with other users to maximize your potential. iAnalyze also provides you with another “eye in the sky” with a comprehensive set of voice commands. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! Ready to give it a try?

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Just wanted to say how awesome I think iAnalyze is. I'll be truthful, I am a long time MoTec user and was skeptical about trying something like this. Too many times in the past, the "out of the box, ready to use" subscription based telemetry programs have let me down. Not iAnalyze. All the data I need is clearly graphed, grouped and organized into a readily accessible format. The graphs and plots are easy to understand and unlike MoTec, there are intuitive translation boxes to help translate the data; ... As I learn more about the built in features, I am more and more pleased with this product. Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome product.

Travis Handleson

Since we began our partnership with iAnalyze Racing, we have gone from a rear-pack top split race car, to a mid-to-front (depending on the week) race car due to the amount of data at our fingertips. We have found a massive gain in confidence all round because we now have a greater idea of what the car likes and doesn't like to do, allowing me to brake just that bit deeper and get back on the gas that little bit more aggressively. A massive thanks to iAnalyze for their ongoing support.

Kevin Ellis Jr.

As a team owner I found the car selection of the newly developed team service key. When you have to deal with every aspect of a team, anything to make your job a bit easier is nice. The ability to pick the cars I want the software to pick up for team data makes going though the laps that much simpler. With this I don't worry about the cars my guys drive for fun, a great addition to an already great piece of software.

Joshua Agostoni

I will always say that practice is the most important element in racing; but knowing what that practice is doing is just as vital. With iAnalyze Racing, I've been able to study and understand what I'm doing to the car and how the car is reacting to a level far beyond what I could have imagined. iAnalyze is the key to becoming a better driver no matter how much on-track, in-car experience you have.

Aaron Bean

In the past as a team owner, coordinating team set-up work was difficult and frustrating. With iAnalyze software, it allows me to keep a database of lap data and setups teammates have shared. I can access these through the website or within the software. It makes for coordinating team set-ups for big events 10x easier without having to make a physical paper trail. We can never look back.

Bryan Vignoli

iAnalyze is a great tool to use no matter what you drive. It can really help find the extra tenths you are looking for, when you have the ability to compare your laps side by side with any of your teammates. Gone are the days when you sit and watch replays of your laps to find out if you are bottoming out, with the ride height software you will know instantly!

Eric Haag

iAnalyze is a great tool, that not only helped myself turnout better setups but the rest of my team. With the easy to use/read interface along with the friendly way iAnalyze collects data. I'm able to produce top quality setups, that have helped my team run for wins in both the Nascar and Grand Prix series. I have every bit of confidence, that iAnalyze has fast tracked my teams progress to achieve a Pro License in our respective series.

Joshawa Matlock