iAnalyze Racing

About Jackalope Technologies

Jackalope Technologies has been pushing innovation in the motorsports industry for over 20 years. Started by Doug Gerard to provide a user friendly software solution to data acquisition, Jackalope Technologies has transformed into a leading force in the motorsports software industry. Doug has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing solutions used throughout the motorsports and automotive industries. A versatile software engineer, Doug’s varied background in artificial intelligence, voice recognition, data acquisition and motion control has seen him earn multiple patents across multiple industries. Today, Jackalope Technology can be found on the computers of teams at every level of motorsports.

About iAnalyze Racing

The iAnalyze Racing project was started to bring the same sophisticated data analysis tools to every iRacer. The idea was to make data analysis accessible for every iRacer without the need to learn complicated data acquisition and data mining techniques. Today, the goal has evolved to provide you with the best driver tools, voice commands, setup manager, and of course, data analysis tool on the market.

Contact Information

Jackalope Technologies, Inc.
5601 Stone Gate Avenue
Gillette Wyoming 82718
P: 307 682 4909