iAnalyze Racing

iAnalyze Racing is tightly integrated with iRacing™ to provide you with more control and more information on each and every lap you complete. But what does that really mean? Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

iAnalyze Racing provides driver tools, data analysis, setup management and data sharing to help you gain precious tenths on the track.

iAnalyze Racing began as a data analysis tool that is easy to install and learn and use. Since, it has grown well beyond its humble beginnings. If you've done enough iRacing™, you've probably tried to change black boxes or set up a pit stop while racing. Like real racing, it is hard enough without adding distractions. Voice commands for pit stops, setup management and the pit box count down were all suggested by users. Today, iAnalyze provides these features and MORE, all thanks to our loyal community.

An iAnalyze Racing team lets you share your lap data with your teammates. As a team owner you manage whose on the team and the teams data. Each team gets a team lap database of up to 10 GB, enough for over 2000 laps. Teams also have a private Team Blog the team can use to exchange vital information.

iAnalyze Racing excels in its integration with iRacing as it solves many frustrating issues with navigating the UI and keeping track of setups. It offers a UI that easy to use for the novice user while providing significant detail for the advanced user as well.

It’s so easy, you can purchase a subscription, download the app, install it, go to iRacing, run five laps and be analyzing data in under 15 minutes.

To give you an idea of how easy to use it is you can purchase a subscription, download the app, install it, go to iRacing, run five laps and be analyzing data in under 15 minutes.

You also get voice commands, the pit box countdown and a whole host of other features standard in iAnalzye Racing.

One app, easy installation and updates, and ease of use that doesn't require you to be a DAG (Data Acquisition Guy) before using it.

iAnalyze Racing will run on most systems. It has many options to tune performance to accommodate slower or smaller memory footprint systems. iAnalyze Racing recommends a minimum system of at least:

Windows 64-bit operating system, Windows 7 and above
Intel i5 processor equivalent or above
8 MB physical memory
At least 10GB of free disk space

Users with less then the minimum recommended system may experience slower performance and occasional brief in sim delays.

Voice commands give you control over all aspects of the iRacing™ experience. Managing the UI by voice means your hands never have to leave the steering wheel. Want to make a pit stop? Simply say 'pit stop full service', only want to take right side tires? 'Pit stop right side only'. You can also ask for information about you session "Who's fastest" and you'll hear who is the fastest driver so far. Say 'fuel usage rate' and it will report how much fuel your using per lap. Say 'Laps left' and you'll hear how many laps you have left given the amount of fuel you have.

Lots of data is logged for what is known as the 'session driver', session driver is just another way to say you the user. Some data like tire temperatures is severely limited by iRacing™ to prevent the development of traction control aides. Here is a partial list of the signals available for plotting:

Brake, Clutch, FuelLevel, FuelLevelPct, FuelPress, Gear, Lap, LapDist, LapDistPct, LatAccel, LFbrakeLinePress, LFshockDefl, LFtempCL, LFtempCM, LFtempCR, LFwearL, LFwearM, LFwearR, LongAccel, LRbrakeLinePress, LRshockDefl, LRtempCL, LRtempCM, LRtempCR, LRwearL, LRwearM, LRwearR, ManifoldPress, OilLevel, OilPress, OilTemp, Pitch, PitchRate, RFbrakeLinePress, RFshockDefl, RFtempCL, RFtempCM, RFtempCR, RFwearL, RFwearM, RFwearR, Roll, RollRate, RPM, RRbrakeLinePress, RRshockDefl, RRtempCL, RRtempCM, RRtempCR, RRwearL, RRwearM, RRwearR, Speed, SteeringWheelAngle, SteeringWheelAngleMax, SteeringWheelPctDamper, SteeringWheelPctTorque, SteeringWheelPctTorqueSign, SteeringWheelPctTorqueSignStops, SteeringWheelPeakForceNm, SteeringWheelTorque, Throttle, VertAccel, Voltage, WaterLevel, WaterTemp, Yaw, YawRate

Other cars in the session don't have all the data logged a session driver does. They only log Steering Wheel Angle, RPM , Gear, and Speed.

Data and setups are downloaded together.

iAnalyze Racing keeps a database of laps data and setups users have shared. You can access these through the website or within iAnalyze Racing.

The 'Data Sources' tab has an 'Online tool' that allows you to access the data base of fast laps and setup. Open the 'Online tool' find the lap you want, download it and you have the lap data and the setup to run. you can there compare the lap to you best lap so far, and save the fast lap setup using the setup export tool.

iAnalyze data files run around a half a megabyte per minute of recorded session data. Typical usage sees files around 15MB in size.

Yes! iRacing's IBT format is nearly identical to the IAT file format used by iAnalyze racing, except it doesn't have setup information or information on the other cars in the session.