iAnalyze Racing

What is iAnalyze Racing?

iAnalyze Racing is your ticket to the top of the iRacing™ leaderboard. Developed by Jackalope Technologies, motorsports solution providers for over 20 years, iAnalyze Racing is the premier iRacing™ aftermarket add on.

iAnalyze Racing is a tightly integrated data acquisition system designed specifically for iRacing™. It combines data logging, data analysis, setup management and voice commands with a cloud application to share data. This allows you to analyze not only your fastest lap, but other iAnalyze users fastest lap as well.

With iAnalyze Racing you can record every practice, qualifying, time trial and race lap you run with every car on every track. It is remarkably easy to use and lets you do what you do best...drive!

iAnalyze Racing automatically records the setup used on every lap. You'll never lose that fast setup and can always return to a previous version if you didn't like the changes you made.


Keep your hands on the steering wheel- iAnalyze Racing provides a host of voice commands to help with pit stops, fuel usage, and the iRacing™ interface. Think of iAnalyze Racing as a fast food drive thru; just say what you need, and iAnalyze Racing will get it done for you. You never have to take your hands off your steering wheel or your eyes on the track. Fumbling with your keyboard to change to tires will be a thing of the past...just say “change right side tires”.

Analyze data ... immediately- iAnalyze Racing is data analysis tool designed for iRacers. This means it is designed to be easy to use and let you focus on analyzing data. Turn a few laps and immediately start analyzing, no need to save a data file. There is no converters, intrusive programs or difficult setups, just switch to the iAnalyze Racing application and your lap data is there.

Focus on your setups- Have you ever made a change to your setup that you disliked, but can’t remember what you changed? Well your will never have that problem again. With every lap your turn, iAnalyze Racing records your setup and associates it with your lap. That means you can recall any setup at anytime.

Learn from others- iAnalyze Racing will give you information on what other drivers are doing. iAnalyze Racing logs telemetry from ALL drivers in your session. It can show you where you gain time and where you lose it compared to the drivers in your session. It even calculates a gear chart indicating the gearing each driver used.

Team Management- iAnalyze Racing is proud to introduce it’s newest feature...comprehensive team management. You can now set up your race team and share lap times, setups and telemetry safely and securely with all team members...all in one place.