iAnalyze Racing


iAnalyze Racing provides a comprehensive data logging, analysis, voice control and data sharing solution. That means you’ll be shaving off tenths for just pennies a day!

Your subscription includes a license to the software and access to our revolutionary data sharing service. You will also get free software updates (that routinely include new features) for as long as you remain subscribed. Once your subscription expire, you will lose access to updates and data sharing.

The price is $14.95 per year.

iAnalyze Racing allows you to establish your own racing team for $19.95 for a one year subscription.

Racing teams come with:

  • A private team blog
  • A secure and private lap and setup data base
  • 10 GB of storage, enough for over 2000 laps.
  • Team notifications

When you purchase a race team, the team owner's account is extended for the duration of the team license.