iAnalyze Racing

iAnalyze Racing Teams

With iAnalyze Racing Teams, you can share data and setups with the teammates you chose. No more hassle sharing setups with your team mates, iAnalzye Racing Teams eliminate the bother of finding, zipping and emailing telemetry data and setup to your teammates. iAnalyze Racing Teams gives you a central location to share date, setups and a private team blog to discuss your testing and racing plans.

Team Blog

Has this ever happened on your race team? When you're gridding for a race?

Did you get the setup I sent last night?

What setup?

Communication is key in any organization, its true for race teams as well. Not having the latest setup or seeing the work your team mates are doing can cost you points and even a championship.

iAnalzye Racing Teams private Team Blog help organize the team and keeps all the teams correspondence in a central location. The team blog is the focal point for your teams communication. Every uploaded lap, setup note or other team communication is in one place so no team member is left out.

The team blog automatically tracks and notifies your team of:

  • Team members joining and leaving the team.
  • Changes made by the team owner.
  • Upload of telemetry and setup files from iAnalyze Racing
  • New postings made to the blog.

Perhaps the most useful feature is the integration of the team's data within the blog. Laps uploaded from iAnalyze Racing are linked to blog entries so conversations about the data are well organized and easy to find, follow and download.

Private Team Database

Your team, your data.

Your team has 5GB of storage for your telemetry data and your setups. That's enough space for over 2000 laps. Only your team can access this data.

Team Owners

Owning a race team has responsibilities. Team owners have full control over team members, the cars the teams uses, and what data is retained in the team database.

As team owner your subscription is valid for as long as your team is up and running.