iAnalyze Racing

If you are experiencing timeouts, or trying to use the online browse dialog and are not seeing the dialog populate with the tracks, card and lap data.  The system may be timing out.  To address this you can make a change to the iAnlayzeRacing.exe.config file in your iAnlayzeRacing directory.

To make the adjustment, first close iAnalyzeRacing., then change is to increase the timeout values in the last configuration section of the file.

Open the file 'ianalyzeracing.exe.config' using notepad.exe or your favorite text file editor.

Once the file is open, look for the  <system.serviceModel> section of the file.  Next locate the section that contains the <bindings> section, then finally location the<basicHttpBinding> section.

The <basicHttpBinding> section will contain an entry like this:

        <binding name="BasicHttpsBinding_IPresetService" openTimeout="00:01:30"
          sendTimeout="00:01:00" maxBufferPoolSize="20000000" maxReceivedMessageSize="20000000"
          <security mode="TransportWithMessageCredential" />

Change the openTimeout value to "00:02:30" and then the sendTimeout value to "00:02:00".

Once the changes are made, save the file and relaunch. iAnalyzeRacing and the program ought to run without error.' 

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