iAnalyze Racing

Latest News and Notes

We had an outage.  The platform has been down for a few days.  I've extended your subscription by two months to compensate for the time the system has been down.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We've dropped the price of the service down to $14.95 per year.

There was a problem with the could servive and the payment processor.  This has been corrected.

Amazing what a little TLC can do.

The database has been updated and reindexed and the issues encountered over the last few days have been resolved.

The site is having intermittent problems connecting to the database.  I'm working on the problem, but don't have a resolution ETA yet.

Will post status as the situation develops.

The service should be back up and running.

Folks the service is down.  I am working ot resolve the problem.

Howdy folks.

I am shooting to have the next version up and running by Christmas.  It looks to have a new Split Report to help compare two drivers lap times, a new driving line analysis tools that work with bing or google maps to plot the data lap line and the line of the reference lap driver, and a number of bug fixes that have been cropping up.

If you love playing in the dirt.  I'm, not a dirt guy so I could use some guidance of what dirt specific tools would be useful.  Of the top of my head, I was thinking a way to show moisture content (if available from iRacing) for the line being driven would be useful, just haven't looked into how to do it jet.  Other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


We seem to be experianceing some database timeout issues.

The problem is intermittant and I am actively researching a solution.

Howdy all,

What a great user group meeting we had today.  The largest one we have had.  Tons of great input from folks.

I'm excited about how it went and look forward to making your suggestions happen shortly.

You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXM7Zf_LNlI

Thanks again guys.